FIVE35 Ventures is committed to unlocking capital and growth opportunities for female-focused early stage African technology startups.

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Who Are We?

Strategic investors focused on developing female-impacted technology companies in Africa

Our philosophy is to engage with a diversified portfolio of female-led, female-managed and female-impacted companies

FIVE35 Ventures Represents Our Mission:

To catalyse the creation of 5% more GDP for Africa by setting in motion a trend of investing in female-led or female-impacted entrepreneurial businesses

To leverage that female-led startups can deliver 35% more ROI when given access to the right capital, networks and partnerships

Female First

We are first and foremost supporters of women as founders, leaders, employees and consumers. We are driven to achieve a level playing field for women and believe that this will unlock superior growth for investors and the Continent.

Catalytic African partner

Proud in our own diversity, we are African women and men that deeply believe in catalysing opportunities for startups and attracting new capital onto the Continent.

Highly commercial with impact at our core

We seek the best female-focused, tech-enabled African startups that can scale into new markets, drive revenue, economic participation, create jobs and economic participation. Commercial returns and high impact are both critical for the sustainability of women in business.

We Invest In

Startups that have a core focus on females:

African Female-Focused Seed and Series A stage B2B and B2BC tech-enabled startups that are post-MVP.

Highly scalable tech-based solutions that have a clear, addressable market in Africa first, and eventually globally.

Sustainable business models with high-growth potential and multiple revenue streams.

Proven early successes demonstrated by a combination of one or more of the below:

Dedicated and professional founders and management teams with the values aligned to the objectives of our Fund.

We Offer Our Portfolio Companies

Capital Investments